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Research Grants

Research Grants

Application Deadline is annually on March 1st

The IPS Research Committee awards grants of up to $1500 to support primate-oriented research projects with a strong theoretical component. These projects can be conducted in the field or in captivity. If you plan to include community conservation in your program you may be eligible for an additional Conservation through Community Involvement (CCI) award of $500. Please see the form for more information.

We do not consider proposals for projects focusing solely on primate conservation or on the captive care of nonhuman primates. Please direct these to the Conservation or Captive Care Committee, as appropriate. 

We receive approximately 80 applications each year, from all over the world. We particularly encourage proposals from primatologists from range-state countries.

To help in the preparation of your proposal we have several examples of successful recent grant applications, they can be downloaded here:

  • Agostini: Interaction between food availability and parasitism in Primates: wild black-horned capuchin monkeys (Sapajus nigritus) as a model (AGOSTINI, Ilaria.pdf)
  • Kassie: Sleeping site selection of Bale monkeys (Chlorocebus djamdjamensis) at Kokosa forest fragment in southern Ethiopia (MEKONNEN, Addisu.pdf)
  • Burke: Are Gelada monkeys keystone species? A broad-scale analysis of the population status of Ethiopia's herbivorous primate and consequences for ecosystem processes (BURKE, Ryan.pdf)
  • Alavi: Orangutans, what do they know and where are they going?(ALAVI, Shauhin.pdf)

We now provide feedback on proposals from nationals of range-state countries. Applications must be submitted by the 1st February for feedback; revised submissions must be resubmitted by the March 1st deadline.

Send your application AS ONE PDF DOCUMENT, named "LAST NAME, First name.pdf" to: Prof Marina Cords (

Our evaluation criteria include:

  • quality of the theoretical justification
  • clarity of the hypotheses and predictions
  • feasibility and suitability of the methods
  • feasibility of the timeline
  • suitability of the budget, availability of other funding sources
  • whether the applicant has, or can get, the experience required to conduct the project
  • applicant career stage
  • country of origin
  • country of current affiliation
  • access to mentorship and advice

We do not require a reference letter for submission of proposals. 

Please submit your proposal as pdf-file named as follows: LAST NAME, First name.pdf

If you have any questions regarding this funding mechanism, please contact Prof. Marina Cords at


Download IPS Research Grant Application Form.docx

Frequently Asked Questions_2020.docx

(Note - if you do not receive confirmation of receipt of your application within 2 weeks of submission, please contact the committee VP listed above.) 


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