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Important survey for those involved in capture/release of wild primates (closes 11th Nov)

The IPS Ad-Hoc Committee to Make Capture Safer for Primates has put together a survey which is critical to ensure that we are able to move effectively  forward on this important topic. The Committee was formed with the goal of reducing risk and trauma for primates who are captured and released in the wild. We consider […]

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IPS facebook page hacked

Hi folks, as is very obvious when you go there, our facebook page was hacked (no we’re not currently a blond in heels selling Nike!). Apologies while we get it fixed hopefully we’ll resume normal primate news services soon. If you’re on fb and able to, please report it as more noise helps us get […]

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Creation of new fund in memory of Judith Masters and Fabien Genin to promote primatology by African nationals

It was a great shock to us all when we heard news of the deaths of Judith Masters and Fabien Genin. Both were esteemed primatologists committed to primate research and conservation in both South Africa and Madagascar. There are no words that can express our feelings about the tragedy that befell them. They were wonderful […]

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We are thankful today and everyday for all of the incredible biodiversity found in Madagascar and to all of the people who work endlessly to help protect it! 💚

Video: Nina Beeby

NEW ARTICLE: Detection of Bonobos (Pan Paniscus) in Tropical Rainforest Canopies Using Drone-Based Thermal Imaging: A First Step Towards Accurately Estimating Population Sizes?

🚨New paper out in JCP with Marion Laporte, @N_NewtonFisher, Vernon Reynolds, @LirSamuni, @AdrianSoldati, Linda Vigilant, Jakob Villioth, @kirstyegraham, Klaus Zuberbühler and @NakedPrimate on facial kin recognition signals in wild chimps! 🧵👇

some members of the smallest group in our study population getting a better look at a very dramatic intergroup encounter between two neighboring baboon groups happening about half a kilometer away. alpha female Vugu had a lot to say about what she saw!

I am thrilled that our volume, Ecotourism and Indonesia’s Primates, is finally on the market! Contributors, I CANNOT thank you enough for being so kind and brilliant and inspiring!! And reviewers, thank you for volunteering your time to improve this book!

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